The Producers

Corey Moquin and Joe Paul (Photo by Heather Rush)

Corey Moquin (Producer/Director) - Corey Moquin graduated from Agawam High School, in Agawam Massachusetts. He is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After Graduation this spring, plans to pursue a graduate degree in filmmaking. Corey began telling stories through video as a child. He developed the story for In The Valley and also directed and co-produced the project.

Joe Paul - (Producer/Screenwriter) Joe Paul graduated from the University of Massachhusetts Amherst with a degree in professional and creative writing. He more recently earned a Master's degree in Applied communication from Fitchburg State University.  Joe and Corey decided to collaborate on this project with Joe helping Corey develop the story, writing the screenplay, and co-producing.

Since completing In The Valley, Corey and Joe have merged their respective production companies (Jenzar Productions and Three Saints Productions) to form Pioneer Valley Productions. PVP will offer vidography services for weddings and other events, as well as promotional videos for commercial businesses. The company will also continue to produce short and feature-length movies.

Musical Score

Jesse Mushenko - A long-time resident of Monson, MA, Jesse began writing and recording music at 15, and playing in bands at 18. He currently plays bass guitar with Independent Idiot and The Federal Crime, and also sings and plays guitar as the front man of Phallic Medallion. Jesse currently attends the University of Massachusetts Amherst, working towards Master's degree in Nutrition Science and has enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserve as a marine science technician. His future plans include more musical and sound production for visual art projects, such as movies, etc.

Visual Effects

Joel Nawskon - Joel began his career in video production by making many short stop motion films using his toys in early childhood. He continued his intrest in video and special effects all throughout grade school, eventually studying visual arts and Jazz performance at Holyoke Community college. An avid drummer, In the valley marks his first step into feature films.


In the Valley Movie