Premiere Night

Here are some photos from the World Premiere of In the Valley at the Academy of Music, in Northampton, Massachusetts, February 11, 2012.

Movie Poster


Nate Luscombe arrives


Melonie Downey exits the limo


Melanie on the red carpet


Amanda Moquin on the red carpet


Jesse Mushenko arrives


The marquee


Executive Producer/Director Corey Moquin


Jessica Marceno and Sandi Moquin


Jessica Marceno, Joel Nawskon, and Corey Moquin


Kyle Moquin


Corey Moquin


Corey Moquin and Jessica Marceno


Robert Clark III arrives


Another shot of Nate Luscombe


Albert Prokop on the red carpet


Gloria Moquin with Hayley Moquin on the red carpet


The audience files in


Another shot of Melanie Downey on the red carpet


Jesse Mushenko on the red carpet


Executive Producer/Screenwriter Joe Paul arrives


Another shot of Joe Paul, just because he looked so good.


Samantha Black and Jessica Marceno


Cast Photo


Another shot of the cast, becasue they looked so good. Lea Oppedisano third from the left.

In the Valley Movie